Beautification Projects

Beautification Projects

Business Improvement Program

In 2014, City Council created the Business Improvement Program to help increase economic development in business districts by expanding the Park Board’s service of colorful flower displays in pots lining the streets. A cost share program was created and 17 communities took part in the inaugural year. The Greenspace program designs, purchases, installs and maintains 3 seasonal displays in each community.

Community Gateways

Attractively landscaped gateway entrances welcome people into communities and give visitors a nice first impression.

Downtown Cincinnati

The Greenspace brightens the downtown Cincinnati experience by privately funded programs including the Fountain Square landscaping flower pots in the Central District and Over-The-Rhine and the Smale Anniversary Gardens.

Main Arteries

Greenspace has a significant impact on some of the main arteries througout Cincinnati. These areas are seen by thousands of commuters going to and from work, citizens living in the area and visitors to the city each day.

Greenspace Parks

There are public areas in Cincinnati’s Northside and Mt. Adams communities that are park settings for all to enjoy. These areas have had a great influence on new development since the former blighted areas were converted into beautiful natural landscapes.

Traffic Islands, Medians and Highway Ramps

Part of the original Greenspace program in Cincinnati Parks still remains and includes several islands and medians on busy roads and some entrance/exit ramps to/from highways. Challenging areas to maintain, Greenspace staff work hard to overcome various elements on these sites.


The Park Board staff appreciates the great help it receives from volunteers, the community, special groups, schools, universities and corporations. For more information on volunteer opportunities email us at or call 513-357-2614.