Kennedy Heights Park

Kennedy Heights Park

Kennedy Features

The original park land for Kennedy Heights Park was purchased in 1930 with additional small lots added throughout the years for a total of 12.484 acres. With its rolling hills and mature trees, the park provides a pleasant neighborhood retreat. There is a shelter house at the top of the hill, many picnic tables throughout the wooded slopes, play equipment and a soccer field. A beech grove exists in this small park and a wetland with boardwalks.

Kennedy Heights Park
6039 Kennedy Ave.
Cincinnati, OH, 45213

  • Picnic Area
  • Shelter
  • Hiking Trail
  • Playground
  • Comfort Station/Restrooms

Kennedy Heights Park (Kennedy Heights)
Shelter: Atop a hill, this one-story painted brick building has a cross-shaped plan and hipped roof with exposed rafter ends. The wood doors still retain their ornamental iron handles. Built in 1937, the shelter/comfort station was designed by Carl Freund.