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Krohn Conservatory

Krohn Conservatory, located at 1501 Eden Park Drive in Eden Park, was built in 1933 at the height of the Art Deco era. It’s what’s inside those aluminum and glass walls that make Krohn Conservatory truly special.

You’d have to travel a good distance from Cincinnati to visit a rainforest or a desert – or come to Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati Parks’ nationally recognized showcase of more than 3,500 plant species from around the world.

Krohn changes throughout the year with special exhibits and programs, including the ever-popular “Butterfly Show,” where thousands of butterflies are free to fly throughout the show room in a specially-themed garden.

You can always visit the famous rainforest waterfall and exotic plants on permanent display in the Palm, Tropical, Desert and Orchid houses as well.

Please note admission prices may change with seasonal shows. Hours may vary with seasonal shows.

The Krohn Conservatory is completely wheelchair accessible.



Krohn Conservatory and its site are loaded with history. This architecturally significant structure celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2008, but greenhouses have been part of the Eden Park landscape since long before Krohn was built.

Eden Park’s first greenhouses, built in the 1880’s, were used strictly for growing plants. In 1902, a new greenhouse designed for public displays was opened. The following year, the display greenhouse held a chrysanthemum show, and the Park Board decided to maintain a consistent change of plants and flowers to keep displays new and attractive to visitors. As a result, more than 300,000 people visited the greenhouse in its first two years.

The Cincinnati Parks Visitor Center is located in the lobby of Krohn Conservatory at 1501 Eden Park Drive. The Krohn Conservatory is open Tuesday – Sunday from 10 AM – 5 PM Call 513-352-4080. View the Krohn Conservatory Floor Plan.

Krohn: Make it Your Own… For a Night, At Least
Krohn Conservatory is beautiful to visit, but perhaps you’d like to call it your own, at least for a few hours. Krohn is available for rental for special events – weddings and other unique occasions are made more memorable against its backdrop of giant palms, a tropical rain forest, and an indoor waterfall.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a rehearsal dinner, a company or other special party:

  • Krohn can host up to 120 guests indoors
  • We are a universally accessible facility
  • There are a number of excellent caterers available for your event

For general information on rental rates and availability please visit the Premier Park Events Website, call them at 513-221-2610 or email them today at


Krohn Conservatory
1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 — 513-421-4086


2016 Fall Show “Fall Back in Time”
at Krohn Conservatory
Saturday, September 3 through October 23, 2016

Fall Back in Time
Presented by Scherzinger Pest Control 
September 3 – October 24
Tuesday – Sunday (Closed Mondays)
10a.m.-5 p.m.
Adults $4.00  Children   $2.00 (5-12 years)  (4 and under free)

Join us at the Krohn Conservatory as we Fall Back in Time to an era of formal gardens and inspired designs. In the time of Victorian England, gardens were a thing of art and beauty created to encourage peaceful reflection. This was a time when flowers held special meaning and were sometimes used to portray secret messages. Reflect on the wonderful colors of the season as you stroll through our collection of chrysanthemums and trailing fuchsias. Listen to the sounds of water gently cascading over the edge of fountains surrounded by luscious lavender and mighty alocasia. Look closely for the creative conduits of steampunk, a style which steals its inspiration from Victorian fashions and blends it beautifully with gears and modern amenities. Reminisce on the past while you surround yourself with our gorgeous gardens full of flirtatious flowers!