Smale Features

John G. & Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park

West Mehring Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Planning started in 1997, ground was broken in 2008 and the first phase of the park opened in May, 2012. Additional features continued to be constructed and opened through 2015. Primary designers for the park are Sasaki Associates and KZF.

The Park is managed by the Cincinnati Park Board and Parks has led the planning, design, fundraising and construction of the park.

Over $50 million of State, City and Federal funds have been invested in the park and over $42 million of private funding.

The park is intended to reconnect downtown to the river, and to link with the existing riverfront parks to the east. It is a place from which to view the river and river traffic, a place to gather and celebrate as a community, and a place to recreate, contemplate, and be inspired.

The park has been built as a series of terraces that accommodate seasonal flooding along the river edge, and which includes areas lifted out of the floodplain, constructed on the roof of The Banks garage. 


  • The park is divided into two primary levels. The Schmidlapp Event Lawn and stage is part of the upper level and provides a green roof for the parking garage. -     The upper level of the park is above the 100 year flood.
  • The rest of the park, the lower level south of Mehring Way is within the floodplain. Pathways within the park are universally accessible, and there is access to the water’s edge. 

For more information on Smale Riverfront Park and to keep up to date on new developments, go to the Smale Riverfront Park website!

Parking Rates: Each 1/2 Hour $1.00 | Max Rate $8.00 | Arena Event Rate $10-$20 | Event Rate Walks/Runs $8 | Event Rate Baseball $12-$17 | Event Rate Football $25

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