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Eden Park

Home to the Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and the Krohn Conservatory, Eden Park is one of the most popular of the Cincinnati Parks. Landmarks within the park include Hinkle Magnolia Garden, which features a picturesque gazebo, memorial tree groves and paths, Mirror Lake, and the Bettman Fountain.

Twin Lakes, once an old quarry, features two lakes, a footbridge and walking paths, an impressive view of the Ohio River and Kentucky, several sculptures and a playground. It's a great spot for chess or launching model boats. Nearby is a 172-foot high Water Tower from 1894 and now used by the City of Cincinnati as a communications facility.
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Bandstand - Late 1800s to Early 1900sBandstand - Late 1800s to Early 1900s Eden Park - A Day in Eden (1984)Eden Park - A Day in Eden (1984) Eden Park - Bandstand (Ray Anthony, 1953)Eden Park - Bandstand (Ray Anthony, 1953) Eden Park - Bandstand (Stan Kenton, 1955)_01Eden Park - Bandstand (Stan Kenton, 1955)_01 Eden Park - Cincinnati Art Museum & Art SchoolEden Park - Cincinnati Art Museum & Art School Eden Park - Cincinnati Art Museum_3Eden Park - Cincinnati Art Museum_3 Eden Park - Event_2 (1915)Eden Park - Event_2 (1915) Eden Park - Gazebo_4Eden Park - Gazebo_4 Eden Park - Melan Arch Bridge_4Eden Park - Melan Arch Bridge_4 Eden Park - Park Board Admin Building_03Eden Park - Park Board Admin Building_03 Eden Park - Pumping StationEden Park - Pumping Station Eden Park - Reservoir - Municipal Picnic_4 (1915)Eden Park - Reservoir - Municipal Picnic_4 (1915) Eden Park - Reservoir - Municipal Picnic_6 (1915)Eden Park - Reservoir - Municipal Picnic_6 (1915) Eden Park - Seasongood Music Pavilion Performance (1964)Eden Park - Seasongood Music Pavilion Performance (1964) Eden Park - Tot Lot (1968)_01Eden Park - Tot Lot (1968)_01 Eden Park - Twin-Lake Bridge Lily Pond (1894)Eden Park - Twin-Lake Bridge Lily Pond (1894) Eden Park5Eden Park5 Lightbox Image by VisualLightBox.com v5.3m

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