"Avant Garden" Spring Floral Show

Experience a fresh and creative spring landscape at Krohn Conservatory’s 2014 Spring Show, the ‘Avant-Garden.’  The show will highlight a unique variety of exotic spring bulbs, fragrant shrubs, and bright annuals that are not commonly used in the typical spring garden.  Red crown imperials, twisted grasses, water hyacinths, brilliant blue delphiniums, and black tulips are just some of the plants to look for among the exciting palette of blossoming plants.  

Recycled materials are used in an ‘avant-garde’ style to enhance the imaginative landscape.  Basket frames and tomato cages are transformed into moss-covered chandeliers, striking flower sculptures are created from layered glassware, and paint cans are repurposed to even hang plants upside down.  Enjoy an early spring at the Krohn Conservatory and be inspired by the ‘Avant-Garden!’


Spring Show

"Avant Garden"

January 18 - March 30

Tuesday - Sunday (Closed Mondays) 10a.m - 5p.m.

Adults $4.00, Youth $2.00 (5-12 years old), Children Free (1-4 years old)


Butterfly Show

"Pura Vida - The Butterflies of Costa Rica"

April 12 - June 22

Open Daily 10a.m - 5p.m.

Adults $7.00, Youth $4.00 (5-12 years old), Children Free (1-4 years old)

Extended Hours on Sunday, April 20


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