Welcome to Cincinnati Parks

Hill-top parks with spectacular views, a 1,459-acre forest to explore, Krohn Conservatory’s year-round greenery, nature centers that host family programs, architectural gems to host your special event, picnic areas galore, enclosed dog parks: these are some of the great features of Cincinnati Parks. But the best feature of our parks…You!

The City of Cincinnati Park’s system has been rated ‘excellent’ by the Trust for Public Land for leveraging and finding funding sources that allows us to conserve and maintain our beautiful parks. Cincinnati Parks ensures that everyone enjoys close-to-home access to a park, playground, or natural area.

Cincinnati Parks maintains parkways and neighborhood gateways in addition to managing Cincinnati’s Street Tree program on 1,000 miles of city streets.

The Cincinnati Park Board operates five nature centers, an arboretum and one of the largest public plant conservatories in the country. Our public art collection is the Midwest’s largest. Most of our Parks are open from 6:00am until 10:00pm.

Add it up, and Cincinnati Parks manages more than 10 percent of city land.

Use CincinnatiParks.com to find parks by location or special interests. Then discover how to get involved with, support, and celebrate the amazing variety of nature and outdoor fun in Cincinnati city parks.

Accessibility in the Parks

Cincinnati Parks provides an accessible park system with a range of features and facilities throughout the city. There are playgrounds, picnic areas, shelters, walks and pathways, nature centers, gardens, overlooks and a conservatory, to name just a few park facilities. Due to topography and the nature of some park sites, there are areas of parks that are not fully accessible to some people with disabilities, but Parks endeavors to provide reasonable accommodations as requested.

Some notable accessible features in parks include the following sites:

  • Bettman Sensory Garden and Pathway
  • Arboretum Garden Pathway
  • Mt. Airy Tree House
  • All Playgrounds
  • Eden Park Memorial Groves
  • Ault Park Gardens
  • Alms Park Overlooks
  • Smale Riverfront Park
  • Washington Park

View the Cincinnati Park Board’s 2014/2015 Annual Report

This year “Cincinnati Parks is Bringing on the Green” and the annual report covers the various ways these goals have been accomplished. “The Park Board is eternally grateful for the generous gift to Smale Riverfront Park by corporate and community sponsors. We hardly know the words to say to let you know just how much we appreciate all you have done to make Smale Riverfront Park the envy of every American city!” Otto M. Budig, Jr., Cincinnati Board of Park Commissioners


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